18th century hacienda

Hacienda Laborcilla

Hacienda Laborcilla is an 18th century hacienda located in the city of Queretaro. The hacienda preserves the Mexican colonial architecture and maintains its beauty and historical authenticity.
Originally dedicated to grain storage and farm work, it has undergone a careful restoration over a period of five years, in which its original structure was respected and maintained. The result is an exceptional enclave that has been transformed into the restaurant and bar we know today as Hacienda La Laborcilla and The Carter Bar.
The essence of the hacienda is reflected in every corner of its facilities, where mosaics and tiles meticulously designed and crafted by Mexican artisans, a central fountain, large windows and arches surrounding the entire structure, recreate the atmosphere of a unique past. There is an appreciation of art represented by numerous statues, shipped from France, which are authentic replicas from the Louvre Museum in Paris. Each space features works symbolizing Roman, Indian, and Egyptian culture.
Culinary excellence is a hallmark of our restaurant, offering international cuisine that celebrates the diversity of flavors and culinary techniques. Complementing this dining experience, our exclusive wine list offers a careful selection of varietals and regions from around the world.
Today, Hacienda La Laborcilla is recognized as a historical and cultural heritage site, protected by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).
It is an ideal destination for those seeking to experience the historical and architectural richness of Mexico in an elegant and relaxing setting.
architectural richness of Mexico in an elegant and relaxing environment. Its restoration and conversion into a restaurant and bar have allowed this historic place to endure and continue to be a point of reference in the region of Querétaro.
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Hacienda Laborcilla
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